It all started inside a Mexican factory where 500 electric vehicles have been assembled and are already circulating through the streets of Mexico. This vehicles are helping everyday to lower air pollution and saving 90% of energy compared to a gas powered vehicle. Inside this innovative installations I designed the first touristic electric mexican vehicle, capable of transporting 6 people and offering the commodities of a TV and a minibar.
Since I was little I knew what it meant to live inside a sustainable house, I remember a home with a rain collecting system, compost, fruit trees and an orchard. The love for nature and the environment grew within me. My father, which is an engineer, studied 10 years in Germany upon his return to Mexico he brought with him the technology for developing electric vehicles at a lower cost and suitable for the needs of mexican society. I’ve always loved to travel and as a marketer I found an opportunity inside the tourism industry. What I found was an industry where new technologies were needed to arouse, offering new experiences to the tourists but overall to share the unique culture and history of Mexico.
For this reason and my love for helping the environment I decided to start this Sustainable Tourism project which promotes and busts the Economy of an specific area, by offering local tours in electric vehicles and generate new sources of employment.
What motivated me was being able to impact the quality of life of all mexicans, because in Mexico 23% of the greenhouse gases come from the transport sector and we are the second country with most deaths due to pollution in Latin America. Another motivation is to create more employment sources within this industry, mainly helping people with different abilities, women and seniors in life.  

¿What is ECOTOUR México?

Ecotour Mexico contributes in the diffusion of Mexico’s Culture and History, providing touristic rides in Mexican made electric vehicles. The service helps develop the local economy of the top tourist spots in Mexico and busts sustainable tourism through unique, fun and personalized experiences.

Corregidora 55, San Ángel, CDMX

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This electric vehicles are insured with Civil Liability insurance, protecting all our passengers and chofer. And it has all the needed regulations for being able to circulate.

"In the future I would love to see all Mexico City surrounded with this electric vehicles, providing cultural tours. And later on I see them not only in the city but in all the Magical Towns and top beaches of Mexico. I know Mexico could be the world leader on Ecotourism."


Xochi Garibay,