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About us

What is ECOTOUR Mexico?
Ecotour Mexico seeks to contribute to the dissemination of la Culture and History of Mexico through local tourist walks in Mexican electric vehicles,  encouraging the crazy economyof the main tourist sites in Mexico and promoting the Sustainable Tourism via Unique, personalized and fun experiences.


The Ecotour México project began when I developed the first Mexican electric tourist vehicle for 6 people with TV and minibar in a plant in Mexico where more than 500 electric vehicles have been manufactured that already circulate in Mexico, and that save more than 90% with compared to a gasoline vehicle in addition to not polluting.

Since I was a girl I knew what it is to live in a sustainable house with rainwater collection, compost, vegetables and fruit trees. I developed a great love for nature and the environment. My father, who is an engineer, studied for 10 years in Germany and brought technology to Mexico to develop much cheaper electric vehicles and adapted to the needs of Mexicans.  I have always liked to travel and as a Marketer I found a great opportunity in the tourism sector where new experiences for tourists need to be developed and above all to make the wonderful history and culture of Mexico known. For this reason  motivo I decided to develop this Sustainable Tourism Project that promotes and encourages the Economic Development of an area through local Tours in electric vehicles and that generate various sources of employment.

I am motivated by being able to help the quality of life of Mexicans since Auto Transport in Mexico generates 23% of Greenhouse Gases and we are the second country with the highest number of deaths from pollution in Latin America. I am also motivated by being able to generate various sources of employment in the tourism sector, especially by supporting the most disadvantaged groups such as people with disabilities, women and the elderly. 

Semblaze by Xochi Garibay

Teacher Xochi Garibay  is an outstanding social and academic entrepreneur with knowledge in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Education, Innovation, Disruption  and Sustainable Technologies.

She is the founder and General Director of: "Ecotour México" and co-founder of "BC Ruedas" and   "Grupo Corpo" electric vehicle companies, receiving in 2019 by the Chamber of Deputies from from Deputy Tatiana Clouthier, the 2019 Green Latin America Award in the Energy category. Ecotour México in 2018 was a finalist in Posible as one of the most Innovative Entrepreneurship Projects in Mexico, receiving several Entrepreneurship courses. In 2020 Ecotour México received the Green Latin America Award as one of the best Socio-environmental Projects, ranking 47 in the category of Sustainable Cities. In 2021 Ecotour México received a recognition for Talent Land within Startup Garden and in 2022 Maestra Xochi taught Social Networks and Entrepreneurship Courses to women from the Alvaro Obregón Mayor's Office as social work receiving several Recognitions from the Mayor's Office.

He has worked in companies such as IBM, Microsoft and AON at Managerial and Executive levels.
She has been a Consultant for Small, Medium and Large companies on issues of Marketing and Information Technology.
He studied his Bachelor of Business Administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana with Academic Excellence. He has two Master's degrees, one in Marketing at the Autonomous University of Madrid, in Spain and an MBA from the Universidad Iberoamericana where he graduated with Honorable Mention; as well as two Diplomas in Digital Marketing and several courses on Franchises. She has received a scholarship from Victoria 147, Business Accelerator for Women. He has studied courses on Leadership, Negotiation, Creative Thinking, Accelerated Learning and Emotional Intelligence at Dalia Empower. She has been Vice President of Damas Publicistas and Director of Ammje in Huixquilucan. She is currently a member of the Sustainable Community Specialized Group of the Mexico City Chamber of Commerce, Director of Tourism at CANACO for the Cuajimalpa Mayor's Office and member of the AMAV (Mexican Association of Travel Agencies). He is a member of the CANACO Chair where he has advised UNAM students to present Business Projects.

He has been teaching  at the Universidad Iberoamericana for almost 20 years, and has also taught undergraduate and postgraduate classes at the Anahuac University, the Pan-American University, the Banking and Commercial School, Centro, Westhill University, the University of the Valley of Mexico and the University of Xochicalco, in Ensenada.

Since she was a child she lived in a sustainable house, she is passionate about education, sustainable mobility and social entrepreneurship. She is passionate about the history and culture of Mexico.

"In the future I would like all of Mexico City to have these electric vehicles to give Cultural Tourist Tours, later entering the main Magical Towns of Mexico and  in the most important Beaches in Mexico.

Mexico can be a world leader in Ecotourism"

xochi garibay our team

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